Welcome to The Watch Ashore

The Watch Ashore is a not-for-profit social organisation that provide support and friendship, to partners and families of Merchant Navy personnel. In 1933 the Watch Ashore lobbied for reforms and today, in 2015 the reforms we are lobbying for are remarkably similar - better conditions for the Merchant Navy, better safety, better training. Our members are the wives, widows, mothers, sisters and daughters of all Merchant Navy personnel and anyone with an interest in matters to do with the Merchant Navy. We have members across the country, either associated with one of our local branches or as Country members.

"I have made some very close friends who had children ages with mine. The friendships are made for life and we share each others happy and sad times. They are so special and no matter how long it is since you have met up the bonds are still there.  The Watch Ashore has enriched my life." Ina