"Bon Voyage"

Last month, in collaboration with Elsie Jackson, who is the senior lecturer in charge of Engineering, and Becky Haldane, a Sailor Society chaplain at the Riverside Campus of The City of Glasgow College, our branch hosted a “Bon Voyage” evening for the engineering cadets who have finished phase one and are about to join their first ship.    Most of these cadets have never been on a ship before and have no family connections to the sea, and also for some it would be their first time abroad.    The purpose of the evening was to encourage them to keep in touch with each other, inform them of what support was available, and also to meet other seafarers who shared their experiences of life at sea.   It was difficult to know what information the cadets would be looking for so this was very much trial and error!  We had great support from John Hood, Seafarers UK, Ron Bailey former Harbour Master at Clydeport, and Joe O’Donnell, AOS, who along with a couple of members’ husbands and 2 cadets, who were further on in their training, chatted to the cadets and answered some of the queries raised.   We had gathered leaflets from SAIL and Seafarer Support to hand out as well as downloading the top 5 apps for Seafarers, and information graphs from ISWAN and Seafarerhelp.   The feedback has been that it was a successful evening and hopefully may be repeated with other cadet intakes.  

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