Cadet Bon Voyage

Following on from our previous cadet evenings The Facualty of Nautical Studies has given funding for more such events to be held over the next twelve months. The first of these was held on 20th August with  around 30-40 cadets attending.

Our first 'BonVoyage' evening in the new venue has been successful and many thanks to Steven @COGCnautical for organising the venue and catering. (As you may know providing food is a great way to attract the cadets to come along). We are very lucky that we have had lots of support for this venture, Seafarer Support and SAIL who provided pens, keyrings, etc as well as leaflets. Joe O'Donnell (AOS) John Hood (Seafarers UK) Ron Bailey (PWC) Elsie Jackson @COGCnautical Andrew Armstrong @COGCnautical and Becky Haldane (Sailors Society). Many thanks to those who also came along to share their seafaring experience.   Such events are invaluable to phase1 cadets who are going to sea for the first time.

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