The Humber Branch of the Watch Ashore was founded in 1947 and celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2007 with a dinner attended by Sue Vickery, the National Chairman of the Watch Ashore. The guest speaker was Christine Barker of Radio Humberside’s “Making Waves Appeal” for the local lifeboats.  2012 saw Humber celebrating its 65th birthday

Humber hosted the National Triennial meeting in May 2009, having acted as host on two previous occasions.


Meetings are held at 7.30pm most Tuesday evenings throughout the year, except during August. Our meeting place is the Mark Kirby Room at the rear of St Mary’s Church, Cottingham and can be accessed via Kingtree Avenue/Arlington Avenue. We have varied speakers, slide shows and demonstrations, and are also fortunate enough to have some members who kindly open their homes for coffee evenings. During the summer evenings we have visits to local places of interest.

Events 2015

Here at Humber branch our members still look forward to the weekly get-togethers.  As always we have had a very interesting mix of speakers, some film shows, beetle drives and a pie and pea supper. We have also exercised our grey matter at quizzes. When it proved difficult to find a speaker we went to the theatre and the cinema and when all else failed we enjoyed coffee and chat evenings.

Once again we had an excellent annual dinner at the Hull Golf Club and have just had a first class Christmas lunch at a restaurant in the area.  Our final event of the year will be a Christmas party evening held at our meeting place, The Mark Kirby Room in Cottingham.

Those members who attended the AGM in York enjoyed an excellent weekend, especially as we had only 38 miles to travel!  As always it was good to meet up with everyone and we appreciate the work done by the executive committee in making the weekend a success.

As in previous years we have continued to support the Hull Sea Cadet Unit TS Iron Duke with a donation to their funds.  We maintain our links with the Hull Trinity House Academy by way of an annual prize which is awarded for “service to the Academy”.  This year it was nice to see the prize awarded to twins. 
Sadly in July we lost our Honorary President, Rita Richards.   Rita, who died 2 days after her 89th birthday, held the office of Branch Chairman from 1960 to 1979 and again from 1999 to 2004.  She also served as National Chairman from 1988 to 1991.  In recent years, ill health prevented her attending our meetings, but she always maintained a keen interest in the Watch Ashore.
As 2015 draws to a close, we look forward to continued friendship and good health in 2016.

Events 2012

This year we celebrated our 65th birthday with a dinner followed by a birthday cake and sparkling wine.  We have initiated one or two changes this year, the first to move the annual dinner from March to May giving lighter evenings and better weather conditions.  The second is to meet for lunch on the Tuesdays when there is no speaker.

Events 2013

We have enjoyed excellent speakers this year including: The Titanic, The Hull Daily Mail, Street Angels, Hull churches home from hospital scheme and the History of the East Riding Landscape.  Coffee evenings, a pie and pea supper and mulled wine with mince pies have been served in members' homes. The introduction of a lunch venue on the second Tuesday of each month has been well received.

Our Annual Dinner was held at the Hull Golf Club after which we were entertained by a gentleman who collects strange items at car boot sales.  Those members who attended the AGM in London thoroughly enjoyed the 80th birthday celebrations and look forward to seeing everyone again at Birmingham in 2014.  Two members attended the Annual Seafarers Service at St. Paul's Cathedral in October.  This year it honoured the Watch Ashore's 80th birthday with our National Chairman reading the WA prayer.

We maintain our links with the Hull Trinity House Academy by way of an annual prize which is awarded for 'service to the Academy' and some members attend the Annual Distribution of Prizes.  We continue to support the Hull Sea Cadets by attending fund raising events and by making a donation to their funds.