The Watch Ashore provides support and friendship, to partners and families of Merchant Navy personnel, with this support coming in various forms.

Emotional Support and Reassurance

Members of the Watch Ashore provide each other with emotional support and reassurance, having been in similar situations themselves. We are able to share practical support for members who are facing any difficulties that may arise being at home while their partners are at sea.  

Social Activities and Companionship

We know how difficult it is being at home when our partners are at sea, and so branches and the national organisation endeavour to arrange regular contact with each other through social activities. These activities include monthly meetings, coffee, lunches, dinners and excursions. All these events and activities provide the opportunity to build strong friendships.  We also meet up once a year for a few days for our AGMs which are a very popular event..

Signposts to other support available

Through many years of being the wives/partners bringing up children and having to cope with difficult situations whilst our men were at sea, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge connected to the industry, along with a network of contacts that can advise and offer support in many ways. This may be in the form of financial support, emergency accommodation or simply information on a particular query.

If you are aware of or work with individuals or families related to merchant navy mariners, or are simply concerned about a friend, relative or neighbour the Watch Ashore can be a source of help. You can contact us by email or connect via  Facebook and twitter.