Plymouth Branch Burns Lunch

A snippet of another fun fundraising event that was hosted by Chris & John Rankin. 

Burns night lunch at Riverview whilst raising funds for Plymouth branch. Thank you to all those who attended, the fabulous toasts from Gordon Walker and Wendy Hawkins and to Sandra Walker who entertained us with many of her favourite "dits".

Thanks also to everyone for their help in putting our house back in order

Watch Ashore National AGM

The National AGM will take place in Hull on 12th and 13th May. It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible, we have managed to secure a really good deal from the hotel and details have already been circulated. We shall be staying at the Willerby Manor Hotel which is just outside of Hull.    It is a Best Western Hotel and has nice gardens and an indoor pool which is available for guests to use.  There are some good pictures on line so just type in name of the hotel and take a tour. Hope to see you there.

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Last weekend we held our Annual General Meeting in Bristol and it was a very successful weekend.  Over forty members attended from various parts of the country and on the Friday evening we had our welcome get together in the function suite of the Radisson hotel.   The happy chatter and smiling faces from that night set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  Our first get together of the weekend is always an informal evening where we get the chance to meet new friends and catch up with everyone.

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Annual Meeting

This weekend fifty of our members will be in York for our Annual National meeting.   It is always a great weekend full of fun and laughter meeting up with old friends and catching up with each others' news.   It is amazing how quickly you pick up from when you last met and soon the room is filled with chatter and laughter.  It is a very informal evening and a nice way to start our weekend as many of us have travelled that day from various parts of the UK. 

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Friendship Circles

afternoon tea

We all have friends who fit into different groups/circles.  Neighbours, school pals, work colleagues, family etc. Apart from family the one group that I am very close to is my Watch Ashore friends.
I am lucky that I have family living nearby and always enjoyed plenty of support.  No one in the family or any of my friends was married to anyone in the Merchant Navy.

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